Nomadic Thrive

I started Nomadic Thrive to hold myself accountable.

You see, I can be lazy.  Really lazy.  And closed-minded. Not to mention… judgmental.  I’m not proud of these qualities, but I see them more as reflexes of conditioning rather than deeply held values.  In other words, I’m just trying to shake off four decades of societal and familial baggage and push myself (and hopefully others) to think different.

To act different.

TO BE different and BE better.

Because what I truly value differs dramatically from the narrow and reactionary person I described above.

I value hardwork, industry and innovation. I value an expansive, well read, well traveled and nimble mind.  I value inclusion and creativity. I value love and friendship and adventure.

And that’s what Nomadic Thrive is all about…

Some thoughts of our Motto: “Be Open. Be Fit. Be Gone.”

When I first began to ponder the possible vision for this community, I wanted to sum it up in a very succinct phrase, a bite-sized road map for living a better life.  We are bombarded with the “Dos and Don’ts” of life at every turn.  Each time you leaf through a magazine or launch a news app story after story reminds us of how bad our day-to-day choices are, how scary the world is, how fat we are, how closed-minded we are… on and on and on…  And with each guilt-trip comes another 112 Step Program to shred those abs, cleanse your soul and travel like a Kardashian.

I want to keep it SIMPLE.

BE OPEN:  To the new, to love, to art, to creativity, to hardship, to fear, to not knowing.

BE FIT: Because to live our best life, we need to be of sound mind and sound body.

BE GONE:  Jailbreak our self-imposed prisons of the mind and body and just wander. Roam. Voyage and explore and bound and run and dig our way toward an amazing life.  Just get out there and BE GONE from who you’ve always been told to be.

Nomadic Thrive will offer perspectives, information and entertainment on all of the above and more.

I hope you enjoy, participate, challenge and reflect.


Michael Mast

“Be Open. Be Fit. Be Gone”

YOUTUBE: michaelbmast
INSTAGRAM: @michaelbmast




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