Episode 3: Shanghai Travelogue

Welcome to the first ever Nomadic Thrive Travelogue!

This is a new series of podcast episodes that will focus on a specific city or country with the goal of providing inspiration, information and tips and tricks about that place.

As Michael travels around Asia, he will break down his favorite:

1.) Must see Sights, Attractions and Experiences.
2.) Killer Restaurants & Bars (or warn you off terrible ones…)
3.) And misc Tips & Tricks that will make traveling to that destination easier and hopefully, more enjoyable.

This first Travelogue is all about Shanghai, China!

Please remember to leave a review of the podcast with specific feedback, if you have time.

Also, check out Michael’s Youtube travel channel: michaelbmast and his Instagram: @michaelbmast

Thank you!

Be Open. Be Fit. Be Gone.

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