Episode 7: Did I Make A Mistake??

After a difficult week filled with ambiguity, frustration and sickness, Michael questions his life as a nomad. Honest reflections on the nomadic life and how to push through the pain, the loneliness, the disappointments and the parts that just plain suck.

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2 thoughts

  1. You’ve completely captured the detached feeling one gets as an expat. Always feeling a fish out of water, or a fish with different scales. Having an expat childhood with a new country just about every year, this feeling is even more pronounced. The upside is that at each new place you move to, it’s the people and friendships that matter most. You start at each place with a clean slate an no previous baggage except for your knowledge that you’re a fish out of water and will be in the new location too. But that feeling becomes a comforting old sweater after a while. It’s who you are. Even today, after an entire childhood of expat life and four high schools, I’m not attached to any one place and feel more alive when I’m traveling. It’s a strange phenomenon. Great podcast- you have to take the ups with the downs.

    1. Thank you! Yes, there are moments when the loneliness gets to you and you question everything… However, to your point, when in a culture not your own, there is just this feeling of aliveness that makes it all worth it…

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