Episode 57: Race, Racism and How Living a Nomadic Life Can Help

We are witnessing unprecedented upheaval across the world right now. Protests and riots, sparked by the barbaric murder of George Floyd, have created an urgent and necessary dialogue around race, oppression, privilege and power. I am not an expert, nor do I see myself qualified to comment on the myriad political touch points.

However, I do know right from wrong.

And what has been done–for centuries–to our black community is unforgivable. We MUST be better. We MUST do better. Diversity isn’t a political or corporate buzzword–it’s the LIFEBLOOD of the human race! We are better for our differences and each human variation should be celebrated, supported, admired and tolerated, even if we don’t understand one another. Because that’s not the point! It doesn’t matter if I get you or you get me. What matters is we support and fight for each other’s right to be different and be confusing to people “not like us”.

This, to me, is ultimate freedom.

Today’s Podcast I detail my journey from being raised in an incredibly conservative town and how this shaped my views on race.

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